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Consumer Electronics  Association has rightly named 2GIG's GO!Control the 2011 Security Product of the Year

Consumer Electronics Association has rightly named 2GIG's GO!Control the 2011 Security Product of the Year

Next week is the International Security Expo in Las Vegas — the industry’s biggest event and Newton Associates is proud to be helping 2GIG Technologies garner some publicity during their debut as an exhibitor. The thing is they don’t need much help, because 2GIG’s GO!Control panel is justifiably attracting significant attention on its own — it was just named 2011 Security Product of the Year by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Imagine that — a security control designed with the consumer and with consumer trends in mind. Homeowners are embracing the cool color touchscreen with simple intuitive instructions and controls (200,000 of them were installed in the first year to market). What the GO!Control is really unlocking, however, is a communications revolution and the amazing possibilities opened by a built-in radio employing Z-Wave wireless mesh networking technology. Z-Wave allows communication between lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centers, and security systems for the purposes of remote home monitoring, home healthcare, safety and security, and energy conservation.

For years, the security industry has been trying to get behind two things — wireless technology and “the smart home.” With the GO!Control, that promise appears to be largely and finally fulfilled. Tech-savvy consumers are eager for it and standards and other supporting products and services are in place and being added quickly.

2GIG’s panel also takes advantage of the number of consumers who are shedding landline telephones or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). No more worries about an intruder cutting a hardwired phone line to disable your home security. More importantly, with wireless phone linkage, homeowners can control practically anything in their homes with a smart phone or the Internet and software from 2GIG’s partner, That includes arming/disarming, thermostat setting, lighting control, lock control, and video monitoring. Who needs “Angry Birds” when you can putter around your house from an airport lounge 2,000 miles away.

Should be a very busy week at the 2GIG booth during ISC.  Installers have been waiting for a long time for a product they could get behind and get consumers enthused about. The GO!Control is the most exciting and transformational product we’ve seen in our 20 years of marketing in the security industry.

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