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One horse town? Philadelphia is a one party town.

One horse town? Philadelphia is a one party town.

This has been quite a week for political junkies, locally and nationally.  I haven’t found much that is entertaining in politics for quite awhile. However, two separate video clips really lifted my spirits with humor, intentional and otherwise.

First up is a major shakeup in an otherwise predictable mayoral race in Philadelphia. That is the intent of the ad — to undermine the status quo of a one-party town and the slumber of the opposition, which phones it in every election cycle. Well, John Featherman wanted to be sure that people knew he was running as a Republican and that he is interested in helping to bringing about change. His campaign team has put together a satirical viral video that may never see a broadcast buy. It has already done its job, though, generating coverage on all the local media and national exposure through the Drudge Report.

Kudos to Mr. Featherman. If you can remember the last time Philadelphia and Republican were mentioned in the same sentence, you know that this video has delivered the goods. I am sure Mr. Featherman knows that it is by itself not a game changer (there is barely a mention of the candidate, his platform, his bio, etc.), but he is now on everyone’s radar screen.

As for the national 2012 presidential campaign, which has begun in early and bizarre fashion with Donald Trump trumping the other prospective Republican candidates by grabbing daily headlines over President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate (or lack thereof). That story has had its own strange trajectory, including news from the governor of Hawaii promising to put this matter to rest once and for all earlier this year (he didn’t, thus setting up the Donald to revive it).

Regardless of what you think of the birth certificate angle, or the real estate mogul’s presidential chances, Trump could not have been too excited by this announcement via YouTube Video.

This may be Gary Busey’s revenge for getting fired on The Apprentice last week.  Or the launch of a new show, “When Reality Stars Attack.”

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