Giant steps: the Light the Night Walks are just one month away.

Your help is needed. Immediately! Urgently!! The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s primary fundraising program, the Light the Night Walks, are on Saturdays starting in October and you need to do your part. If you, your family, or one of your friends has been affected by one of the blood cancers, you don’t have to be asked twice. If you have not been personally affected, you need to say thanks for your good fortune, then step forward and help out someone who is suffering through leukemia or lymphoma treatments. Once diagnosed, it is scary, demoralizing, debilitating, and draining. For many, it is also a death sentence.

You can certainly make an online contribution (here is my fundraising page), but I encourage you to personally participate in one of the area walks.

Each one is a family event that will be uplifting for you to see so many who are suffering take positive action toward finding cures. All those electric candle lit balloons identifying lost loved ones, those who has conquered the disease, as well as those still fighting the battle represent an inspirational moment for the ages. The overwhelming majority of funds raised during Light the Night walks go to research and patient support and advocacy.

Balloons lit by electric candles highlight Light the Night walks.

Balloons lit by electric candles highlight Light the Night walks.

Blood cancers do not respect race, religion, or status in life. You can even have your own hit tv series and find yourself in the fight of your life. Just ask Michael C. Hall, star of “Dexter”, who is this year’s lead ambassador, after being successfully treated for Hodgkin lymphoma in 2010.

When you have a life threatening illness, you need all the support and hope you can get. This current article indicates that hope is very much alive and local through research at Penn with some especially promising results. Many of the advances in treating childhood leukemia over the past 30 years have taken place right here in the Delaware Valley at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. That’s something we can all take civic pride in. The early breakthroughs in Penn’s research demand additional funding and wider trials. Anyone currently diagnosed does not have time to wait. Please help now!

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